CMD Radhey Shyam of Future Maker Company received relief in case registered against Axe Company in Adampur Police Station. In the discolorance of the company officer, the involvement of Radhey Shyam Company in the fraud was found. Police brought the Hissar on production warrant from the jail in Telangana and the police questioned in the case, in which the charges imposed on him were found to be baseless. On Tuesday, the police presented him in the court of JMIC Puneet Lime and said that he is innocent. No allegation was proved in the investigation. After hearing the police’s side, the court has given relief to Radhey Shyam in the case and released the case. Explain that the people of other areas, including Adampur, were accused of cheating millions of rupees in the name of investment in the Xwe company. In the case, many accused, including the officer, were caught. It was disclosed that the company had opened the advice of Radhey Shyam. Then the police went to Telangana and brought Radheshyam to a production warrant on Hisar. To leave the Telangana jail, the court had asked for a 6-day transit remand, which got 5 days. Radhey Shyam’s Fatehabad court has a muscle on January 22. Then there will be a hearing on January 28 in the case of Hisar City Police Station. In this case, the company’s MD Bansi Lal was unable to arrest the police.