The bail plea of ​​CMD Radheshyamam and promoter Sunder Saini, a fraudulent futures maker, who was accused of cheating on the name of giving money to the consumers in less time, has been canceled. On behalf of the accused, a bail plea was filed in the district court of Fatehabad on Thursday. Whose Sirsa police protested that there are still many complaints to be lodged in Hisar still to be examined. Therefore, the accused should not be granted bail. These people can influence the investigation after coming to bail. Therefore, both the accused should not get bail. While CMD Radheshyam and promoter Sunder Saini’s lawyers were cited by the court for bail granted to Telangana Court. Lawyers said that the court of Telangana has also given bail to the police while questioning the functioning of the police. Therefore, both here should also be relieved. After hearing arguments from both parties, the court accepted the claims of Sirsa Police and rejected the advance bail application of both. Now Sirsa police has sent the accused to Telangana and sent to Hissar jail.

SIT Inspector Duleram said the company’s CMD Radheshyam and promoter Sunder Saini have been sent to Hissar jail. The permission has been obtained from the court on production warrants. Both will now be brought to Sirsa from Hisar jail on October 29.