“why don’t you ride them to town and go see a prostitute?” Asks the officer, aghast
“it’s a three-day trip one way, sir. Just wait a couple of months and you’ll understand.”
“well I’ll never!” Fumes the officer and he storms away.
Couple of months later, of course, the officer is getting desperate. So on a dark night he sneaks to the field, picks the first camel, drops his pants and go at it.
Once he’s done, he realizes the entire camp is watching him, pointing at him, snickering and shaking their heads.
Afraid he’s just been made the butt of a practical joke, he musters whatever dignity he has left and yells at the sergeant:
“Sergeant! What is the meaning of this, you told me everyone was doing it!”
“Sir, we do. But of the whole herd you picked the ugliest.”

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