Top 6 Worst Actress In Bollywood

Top 6 Worst Actress In Bollywood

Although they have joined the Bollywood movie industry for many years, some actresses can’t still save their names out of the top 6 worst Bollywood actress list. They may be famous for their beauty or any other job in the entertainment industry, but their performances can’t receive support from the audience both in India and in the world.

1. Sonakshi Sinha

It’s not hard to comprehend why Sonakshi Sinha occupies a slot on this list. Back in 2014, she made an appearance as Kushi in the action-comedy movie Action Jackson. And the audience obviously felt unhappy with her boring acting, as well as the movie’s effects. Many even thought that they had just wasted money on buying a ticket at the box office. Sonakshi Sinha may soon end her acting career if she can’t have any improvements.

2. Veena Mallik

It’s not surprising that Pakistani actress Veena Mallik takes a slot on the top 6 worst dressed Bollywood actress list. Indian people seemingly haven’t shown any sympathy with this girl. Even many say that they hope she will soon return to her country. In spite of her beauty, she has got bad appreciation due to her poor performance and controversial private life.

3. Tanisha Mukerji

Ranked No.1 on the top sex worst actress in Bollywood list is no other actress but Tanisha. That’s true. Even many Indian fans say that her career as an actress is just a joke. Tanisha hasn’t joined many movie projects but her fame is still enough to attract the audiences to cinemas. It’s odd that they later tend to ask themselves why to come to see her bad performances. Until now, she has taken part in 11 movie projects and 8 TV projects.

4. Ameesha Patel

The most impressive thing in Ameesha Patel, according to the Indian audiences, is her stunning look, not her performance. In fact, many even say that the young actress seems rather foolish. In spite of her great efforts on Bollywood movie projects, Indians have still expressed their interest in her appearance, instead of her poor acting career and movies.

5. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu seems to put an end to her acting career with her performance in the 3D monster-horror movie Creature 3D in 2014. She is apparently good at choosing bad movies. For example, Creature 3D “helped” her receive a countless number of negative reviews about her performance. The audiences even say that she should consider choosing another work, instead of being a Bollywood actress.

6. Preity Zinta

All agree that Preity Zinta has a beautiful look; however, it can be undeniable that she isn’t a good actress. During her career, the audiences can’t seemingly find out any movie project that shows off her acting talent. Her beauty may be the only thing that helps her continue appearing in the severe Bollywood world.

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